Bianca Prandi

Research associate (M.A.)

Short biography

Bianca Prandi is a research associate at the University of Mainz/Germersheim) where she is currently collaborating on the research project on speech translation M.INTerpreting led by Dr. Claudio Fantinuoli.

After graduating summa cum laude from the University of Bologna/Forlì in 2015, where she received a master’s degree in interpreting, she started her doctoral studies at the University of Mainz/Germersheim, which she will complete in 2021.

Her Ph.D. research project focuses on the impact of computer-assisted interpreting (CAI) tools on the terminological quality and cognitive processes in simultaneous interpreting.

In the past, she has taught interpreting classes (from German into Italian, all modes) and Italian as a foreign language.

ORCID ID: here

Research interests

Bianca is particularly interested and has conducted research in the following fields:

  • technology applied to interpreting, in particular computer-assisted interpreting
  • automatic speech translation (machine interpreting)
  • terminology management for interpreters
  • cognition in interpreting

 Other current projects and activities

  • She is a practicing conference interpreter and translator (Italian, English, German)
  • She regularly provides training on CAI tools for professional associations (e. g. VKD im BDÜ e.V., AIIC, AITI) and interpreter training institutions
  • She is the co-founder of InterpreMY, an online academy that provides research-based on-demand courses and personalised coaching for interpreters and interpreting students
  • She is a guest instructor for the Certificate Course Interpreting with new mediaat the Postgraduate Center of the University of Vienna, where she teaches classes on CAI, remote simultaneous interpreting and the integration of CAI tools into the SI process, specifically during RSI.

E-mail: prandi (at) uni (minus) mainz (dot) de


  • Junior member of the German association of Conference Interpreters (VKD im BDÜ e.V.).
  • Member of the German Association of Freelance Translators and Interpreters (DVÜD)

 Current research projects

  • PhD thesis: Investigating CAI tools impact on Simultaneous Interpreting: cognitive load and terminological quality (project page)
  • INTerpreting (with Claudio Fantinuoli): Development of a linguistic framework to study speech-to-text and speech-to-speech translation from a communicative perspective, see herefor a tool prototype.
    Grant: Inneruniversitäre Forschungsförderung


  • Prandi, B. (2020) ‘CAI tools in intepreter training: where are we now and where do we go from here?’, inTRAlinea.
  • Fantinuoli, C. and Prandi, B. (2018) ‘Teaching information and communication technologies: a proposal for the interpreting classroom’, Trans-kom, 11(2), pp. 162–182.
  • Prandi, B. (2018) ‘An exploratory study on CAI tools in Simultaneous Interpreting: theoretical framework and stimulus validation’, in Fantinuoli, C. (ed.) Interpreting and technology. Berlin: Language Science Press, pp. 28–59. doi: 5281/ZENODO.1493281.
  • Prandi, B. (2017) ‘Designing a Multimethod Study on the Use of CAI Tools during Simultaneous Interpreting’, in Proceedings of the 39th Conference Translating and the Computer. Translating and the Computer, London, UK.
  • Prandi, B. (2017). ‘Investigating cognitive load in simultaneous interpreting with the support of terminology management tools’. Poster presented at the 5th Polish Eye Tracking Conference, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.
  • Prandi, B. (2016). ‘Analysis of the impact of CAI tools on simultaneous interpreting with a focus on cognitive processes and terminology consistency’. Poster presented at the TRA&CO Symposium, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz/Germersheim.
  • Prandi, B. (2015b). ‘The Use of CAI Tools in Interpreters’ Training: A Pilot Study’, in Proceedings of the 37th Conference Translating and the Computer. Translating and the Computer, London, UK, pp. 48–57.
  • Prandi, B. (2015a). L’uso di InterpretBank nella didattica dell’interpretazione: uno studio esplorativo. Unpublished Master’s thesis. Università di Bologna/Forlì.

Invited talks and seminars

  • Systematic assignment preparation: What numbers and CAI tools can teach us about methodology and optimization | 21.07.2020 (with Francesca Maria Frittella), AIIC Germany (online workshop)
  • The simultaneous interpretation of numbers and CAI tools | 31.08.2019 (with Francesca Maria Frittella), Interpreters for Interpreters Workshop AIIC Germany, Cologne
  • CAI tools: Technologie im Dienste der Dolmetscher (technology at the service of interpreters)| 03.07.2019, Showcase Dolmetschwissenschaft Live, University of Heidelberg
  • CAI tools - not only terminology for interpreters (held in Italian)|07.06.2019University of Mainz/Germersheim
  • Seminar on InterpretBank|31.05.2019, AITI, Milan
  • Arbeiten mit InterpretBank (working with InterpretBank)|04.11.2017, VKD, Karlsruhe
  • Workshop: InterpretBank |10.12.2016, regional meeting VKD, Karlsruhe
  • InterpretBank: Praxis und Forschung im Bereich Computer-Assisted Interpreting (practice and research in the field of CAI)|15.07.2016, University of Mainz/Germersheim
  • InterpretBank – A terminology management tool for interpreters|12. 06. 2015, Wroclaw (Poland)


Ms Bianca Prandi

Fachbereich Translations-, Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaft

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

An der Hochschule 2

D-76726 Germersheim


E-Mail: prandi (at)

Please send a short e-mail to schedule a virtual meeting if needed.